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Standard Distribution Boards

Features of a Standard Distribution Board
Our standard range of Distribution Boards are constructed from 1.6m zinc plated steel metal work which is powder coated with a cream ripple finish. The completed boards are rated at IP 42.

Each board includes:

  • 1 x 100A Schneider Acti 9 Main Switch
  • 1 x Teubels PAN assembly
  • Earth/Neutral Bars to suit
  • 2mm Routered PVC Masking Panel
  • Wiring from Main switch to PAN assembly

Variations to Standard Boards

  • 63A Main Switch
  • 250/160A Main Switch with upgraded Earth/Neutral Bars
  • Duct boxes, top, bottom or side
  • Key lockable
  • Meter Boxes can be attached to the top or bottom.
  • Aluminium Gland Plates


What Sets an EMF Switchboard Apart From the Rest.

Gland Plates:

  • As an optional extra Aluminium or PVC Gland Plates can be included on the top and/or bottom of the switchboard.
  • Aluminium - 3mm thick
  • Grey PVC - 4.5mm thick

These allow for:

  • Easy addition of extra cables
  • No swarf from cutting through metal cabinets
  • No sharp edges
  • No eddy currents
  • No more risky acrobatics on the end of an electric drill with a large hole saw
  • Keeps board dust and rodent free.

Routered Masking Panels:

  • Only cut out the circuit breakers you need
  • No more pole fillers to fall out
  • Cut out with a sharp knife
  • Smooth, shiny PVC that stays clean! (not expanded foam)
  • Fire resistant - does not sustain a flame
  • Spare cutouts for controls or RCDs on Main Switch rail

Double Hinged Insulated Geartray:

We use a range of different materials for these gear trays;

  • Signex
  • Typanel
  • PVC

These allow for:

  • Cable access up the back of the cabinet
  • Ease of opening
  • Hides cabling
  • Acts as a cable duct

These are suggested sizes only, please call to customise.

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