Pump Control Boards

  • Effluent Board

Features of a Pump Control Board
Our Pump Control boards are constructed from the Mi Switchboard System. The completed boards are rated to IP 65.

We have had large success with these in effluent pump installations.
Equipment can include:

  • Soft starters up to 18 1/2 KW
  • Direct online starters
  • Pump and stirrer timers
  • Time clocks
  • 400-230V transformers where there is no neutral
  • Surge protection
  • Socket outlets on the side
  • Smart relay controls

Tell us what you need and we will design one for you, using the ticksheet to the right.

What Sets an EMF Switchboard Apart From the Rest

Hensel Mi Switchboard System
The Mi Industrial Switchboard System is an easy to construct, versitile complete Control and Distributon board product. Individal Mi enclosures can be joined like building blocks, which caters for all needs. Whether individual or joined an Mi enclosure will maintain its IP65 rating, making them waterproof, dust-tight and UV rated.

This allows for:

  • Boards that can be used in any conditions
  • Extra enclosures can be added in the future to allow for extension
  • Long lasting solution which is ideal on a farm or for a pump station.


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