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    At emf Switchboards, we are always looking to make switchboards more efficient and easier to install as well as maintain the same amount of any necessary customization. We have found incredible adaptability and efficiency in ENSTO products which are designed and made in Finland, but are fully suited to a life in New Zealand. When the right product is in the right environment, it will save time of installation and ongoing maintenance.


    Thermoplastic Enclosures

    The Electrical Switchboard enclosure with the Finnish touch. All thermoplastic enclosures can withstand the harsh UV rays of the southern hemisphere, protect the electronic equipment from water, dust, moisture, impacts and tampering as well as looking good while doing so. Cubo P can be customized to suit and still retain its integrity. Ensto Vulcano can do all that while keeping the current flowing while on fire. Find out how to choose the right enclosure for the job.


    Ensto PolyBox enclosures are rugged industrial polycarbonate enclosures with unique and innovative features, such as the integral nonmetallic latch and a corner elevator mounting system for adjustable hinged front kits and back panels. Designed for durability.

    Clampo Pro Terminals

    The Ensto Clampo terminals are specially developed for the needs of the industry. Ensto offers a range that will better adapt to New Zealand. The terminals in question are suitable for both aluminium and copper conductors without the use of extra cable clamps. Fully enclosed, including everything needed for connecting wires, extending or branching cables and enclosing different components.

    Ensto Vulcano

    The Ensto Vulcano high-quality fire protection junction boxes play a critical role during fire as they maintain the electrical functions. Our products for industrial applications satisfy the very highest standards ensuring smooth operation. The fire protection product range comprises junction boxes made of plastic and metal especially manufactured for fire protection. For industrial and building services applications, Ensto also produces their own high temperature-resistant ceramic terminals.

    ENSTO Net

    The ENSTO Net systems adapt so you don’t have to. ENSTO’s selection offers comprehensive solutions for commercial building electrical installations. By building from pre-fabricated modules, installation cost and time will be reduced. Because each project is unique, each ensto net system will be different. Please contact us to find out if ensto net is for you.


    Enclosures are easily applicable to industrial commercial and agricultural setups. The bottom part of the housing has assembly space for electrical components. The module transparent cover provides protection against UV rays. The pierceable blank holes are located on the upper and lower parts of the housing.


    DIN rails, mounting plates, masking panels and extensions frames are necessary for the basic functionality of a switchboard, ensto has provided the accessories made and designed to support the performance of the enclosures. If you are after a custom-made Masking panel or other accessories not for an Ensto board, please see our additional services tab.

    Industry Insights

    The electrical industry, like any technical industry has a large ammount of jargon, technical terms and other confusing bits a pieces.  This page is where you find insights and explanations written by our team.

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