Meter Boxes

Metere Boxes

Our standard Meter Cabinets are constructed from 1.6mm zinc plated steel metal work which is powder coated with a cream ripple finish.

The completed boards are rated at IP 42.

  • 500mm high x 500mm wide x 240mm deep cabient, with 1 x door latch (can be changed for a 144 key lock at no extra charge)
  • Double hinged signex or formica gear tray
  • Uses the same gland plates as any standard distribution board
  • Can be fitted to the top or bottom of any standard distribution board.
    (depending on the height of the standard distribution board it can be fitted to either side)

These are suggested sizes only, Cabinets can be taller or wider. Please call to customise or download the order sheet below and fax or email it through to us

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