Transparent Check Meter Supplied to Hawkes Bay

Transparent Check Meter Supplied to Hawkes Bay



A client came to us in a panic as they needed to source a large quantity of enclosures that were able to be mounted on the side of roadside communication kiosks to house a check meter. The enclosures had to be able to withstand an aggressive roadside environment and have clear covers that the meter could be read through. The client’s regular supplier didn’t have enough enclosures in the country and couldn’t source them in time to meet the clients schedule.

The Solution:

  • Cubo D enclosures are small compact enclosures that met the customers specifications as the enclosures are moulded thermoplastic which are designed to withstand high UV, and the hydrophobic seal will withstand driving rain. These enclosures were installed in the Hawkes Bay region which is known for particularly harsh sun and have more than 2500 sunlight hours in the summer each year. New Zealand has been known to have peak UV light readings of 40% higher than other areas of the same latitude in southern America, this coupled with the Southern Hemisphere having consistently higher UV than the Northern Hemisphere means that a lot of plastic enclosures in New Zealand break down quickly. We made notes in where these enclosures were installed and after checking on the enclosure after 22 months of being in service as there has been very little damage to the enclosures. (There has been a slight yellowing on the enclosure bases, but nothing that has affected the IP rating and the clear cover is still as new.)

    Ensto Cubo D comes in a large range of sizes and this meant we could supply an enclosure that was a perfect fit. this project was very timebound, but we were able to fly the stock from Finland and had delivered to our client in under two weeks.

  • Benefits:

    • Very weather resistant especially in areas with high sunshine hours.
    • Tamper resistant cover plugs.
    • Time saving soultion

    Parts List :

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