Effluent Pump Timer Enclosure

Effluent Pump Timer Enclosure



A robust enclosure that houses an effluent stirrer timer and can withstand the farm environment. The farmer also had a tendency to leave the door to the existing enclosure open, which over time, damaged the internal components.

The Solution:

  • The Ensto Polybox was the most obvious choice as it is designed to be able to rough it out in the most toughest and demanding environments. Rated at IP 69 and a IK rating of 10, means that the Polybox can more than cope with a farm environment.

    By positioning the enclosure with the lid at the top, means the lid will fall shut after operating the timer. The rubber seal will still stop any damaging moisture even if the box is not latched shut properly. By utilising the Polybox, the farmer now has a sturdy, waterproof, NZ UV rated solution that would have been hard to replicate.

  • Benefits:

    • Most robust and rugged enclosure on the market to date.
    • Padlockable for stronger security. 
    • Ample room to wire the timer behind the masking panel and to house the timer. 
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