Chathams Wood Drier Container

Chathams Wood Drier Container



An insulated shipping container was installed on the Chatham Islands (Rēkohu) to preserve tree carvings that were carved by the Moriori people over 200 years ago. In February 2016 a preservation team, led by Susan Thorpe, placed 15 harvested trees into the container. The container provides an enclosed environment which allows the trees to dry slowly at an appropriate humidity level for preserving the bark carvings. A control and distribution cabinet was needed to house a VSD as well as a climate controller and related controls. The enclosure needed to be compact enough to fit on the control rack mount as well as waterproof and durable as it is a high moisture environment. Our client also wanted to be able to easily see the status of the MCBs and controller. To learn more about this project:

The Solution:

  • Cubo P was used in this project as is the most flexible enclosure system available. We added two extension frames to the VSD enclosure, enabling us to fit in the larger VSD, and keep the MCB and control enclosure to an efficient size. All Cubo O and P enclosures are IP65 (Water and Dust proof) and have an IK08 impact resistance creating a solution that will keep all the internal components dry and functional. By placing a transparent door on the distribution side allows viewing of the controller and MCBs without needing to remove any covers, and can be safely adjusted without needing to remove any screw covers. Another major bonus of Cubo P is the size of the openings between the enclosures, and with a removal of the front bars this is the easiest IP rated enclosure system to wire, install and fit off, as well as offering easy expansion in the future. As Cubo P is a fully customizable solution please contact us for more information and training.

  • Benefits:

    • Watertight enclosure.
    • Able to withstand all temperatures and elements.
    • Fully customizable option for future additions.

    Parts List :

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